The Popular Networking Sites in Asia

Networking sites became a necessity and a household activity that is used by every member of the family. As it is easy to create accounts, delete it or edit it, it has many fans that really love to use them everywhere. Asia is a big market of networking sites. There are millions of users that comes from here. As the market is big many companies can try to tap and lead that market.

Although there are local networking sites that have already been created but the popularity and influence of the international media is not gone and gain still a large number of users. Example in China, they already have many networking sites that citizens their can use. One of this is Renren. It is similar to networking site Facebook that also allows user to communicate and connect to each other and share contents whether text or videos or anything. And find this amazing interior designer company, over here 旭昱.  This site has 178 million active users and still growing.

Second is Youku that is still created by china. It functions similarly with YouTube. They have partners who upload regularly various contents in this site. Third is mixi, it is leading in Japan since 2004. They also use LINE. In South Korea more users use the Kakaotalk. Even though this local networking sites lead in terms of users but the influence of Facebook is still strong and it popularity does not go down that even workers are in it.