How Facebook changed our lives

Imagine your self leaving your family for a work abroad. You send them letter through a letter and they will receive your message after an hour. Later when you return your family doesn’t love you anymore and worst your love ones already found a new loved one. That is because communication is stopped. Communication plays a vital role in human kind. They make us alive and be able to transpire one another. So let’s play the long distance again today compared to yesterdays.

Now family, friends, colleagues etc though miles or kilometers apart can just get in touch through internet. One of the most or the most popular social media is Facebook. As they advertise they make lives closer. There overall package and how they offer service to many people is overwhelming considering that this application is free like this dental service free check up and has great service for implants you needed 牙醫診所. Even if you are miles apart you can instantly message or chat your subject or video chat or simply comment on his current status.

Moreover, the difference to other social media is that Facebook shares the stories of others publicly while the others you have to go to their page to check what they are doing or their interest. Facebook nowadays have more than billion users worldwide an ever growing global community. Many capitalize this as they too share their own business and products being shared with no commission or fee. Facebook has not just touch many lives we could say all kinds of walks of life.