Enumerating the Most Popular Websites for News

News is one of the most viewed websites in the internet. We usually get news on the television or TV but if we want to catch up with what we missed we can easily search the internet and find what we want to know. News is one of the topics that households want to watch. They are given real time (like the breaking news part) or in the appointed time of the shows. Many television present news in the morning and evening. They even have midnight news presentations.

News is what drives the network to function for as it is their main purpose. To deliver truthful, unbiased, recent and historical events that the public needs to know. It varies and covers all kinds of topic out there. If you cannot watch news on their schedules then here are the news sites that you can search to get the latest news.

They are Yahoo! News (with 175,000,000), Google News (150,000,000 ), Huffington Post (110,000,000), CNN (95,000,000), The New York times (70,000,000), Fox News(65,000,000), NBC News (63,000,000), Mail Online (53,000,000), The Washington Post (47,000,000), The Guardian (42,000,000), The Wall Street Journal (40,000,000), ABC News (36,000,000), BBC News (35,000,000), USA Today (34,000,000) and  LA Times (32,500,000). Some use links to support their own sites. By using SEO it makes your website more chance of gaining more viewers. It is very relevant for someone who wants to build up a career in the digital world through online marketing.