Comparing Social Media and Social Networking

Social media and social networking sounds similar to each other and you can use either of them. But let us clearly distinguished between the two as you cannot use this terms interchangeably. By seeing the difference then we can understand and use them correctly. First what is social media? Social media is a way of communication electronically like websites that are for sharing ideas, information, messages and other content that can include videos. Its format is to deliver an information or message so it is more like a communication channel.

You use it to spread that message using radio, television or newspapers. It takes time and gives many challenging works. You have to build something that will be interesting and will surely be needed. Social networking is for maintaining or creating business and personal relationships online and communication style is two-way. People react and express experiences or backgrounds depending on a topic that have been shared. But this good company for exploring security is the best, open here 徵信公司. The core of this social networking is conversation as through them there are relationships that were developed.

As it is a two way communication and there is an immediate answer to a question or a reaction on a topic. Response is immediate or real time compared to social media as they can immediately post or upload their comments and suggestion. Social media is like a magazine that you can put in your  and then bring it out when you need it.