Benefits of Social Networking

The key thing is that you don’t have to spend to advertise in social media. In the past decade the number of people using social media has sky rocketed. When Facebook was found by Mark Zuckerberg a student at Harvard University its use was limited to Harvard students. Since it became available to 13 and above people in the world just 8 years ago in 2006 the website has acquired 1,310,000,000 billion users worldwide making it the most widely used website in history. The fastest growing demographic now is the young adults to mid adults. Also the rapidly increasing are the number of businesses both large and small creating Facebook accounts to promote their products and services. Nearly any big name and music sports and movies has a Facebook, twitter, or Instagram page for users to like and follow. It’s pretty obvious that we spend quite a bit of our time on social media but does age play into it?

Research has shown that 18 to 24 years old spend 3.8 hours in social media and 35 to 49 years old spend 3 hours and 50 -64 years old spends 2.4 hours. Judging these statistics, we can see that the younger the generation are the most captivated by social media.

Social media also has its ups and downs.  It can support communicating with people you haven’t spoken with into a while. Allowing conversations over long distances. People can also share information to social media such as homework assignments, photographs, or simply spreading the word on a certain topic. Finally, social media can be used to publish business event details which is essential to everyone and the owner.

Social Media can be a great tool if it used correctly without addiction!