Power of Social Networking

One thing was learning is that there’s quite a lot of good things that are going on in social media sites that really are not getting about the popular media, and so our study is really trying to look at what are some of those things and then how can we help, teachers, parents think about sites that in the way it can be beneficial. Definitely you see sites really fostering creativity and communication to kids. The kids are telling us that these sites really encourage them to express opinions, thought and emotion in very creative way. Like what you see kids have an interest in video editing, they learn a little bit about in school, and then because something sparks their interest they end up creating a video, circulating it on their own Facebook, Twitter or any social accounts and people find it. When we understand social networking it is also improving communications skills so it is not having hard on us on writing, blogs, express one selves and thoughts and even share poetry or talk about their ideas with people and because they get comments on it from fiends or other people that encouraged them to share more.

Contrary to belief, people try to connect to the internet pretty much every day, and often times these people don’t usually think of them this way, but they do have computer at home sometimes it’s a family owned computer connected to the internet, sometimes a laptop and they’re using just like everyone else so it’s like everyone is connected technologically.

But the there are some cautions that people themselves must identify and one of them is being can be distraction to the things we really have to do the job we are assign. So we must be able to manage our time and adjust strict restrictions.

And in today’s game you can even use social networking to make money just for advertising.
That’s the power of society!